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Compositional Competition “In honor of Chopin”


‘In Honor Of Chopin’

The compositional competition for piano work ‘In honor of Chopin’ was established in 2012, by the festival organizers. The tradition that continues to this day, serves amongst others as a motivation for talented Albanian composers to write piano works that enrich the piano literature as well as the opus of the musical creativity in the country. 

The competition is named after Frederick Chopin, respecting the unique, magnificent, and universal opus of this giant of piano literature. 

The festival grants three awards, first, second and third prize. The three winners of the competition are usually awarded in monetary means and their works are promoted further throughout the year by the Festival.  

‘In honor of Chopin’ 2022

The competition for the 12th edition of the festival is open until May 31. The evaluation will be done by a professional jury of 5 members and the award will be announced on the last night of the Chopin Piano Fest Prishtina 2022, on June 8. 

All the compositions should be sent to the email [email protected]. The deadline for applying is May 31, 2022.

Good luck to all participants!